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1st International Congress of Writers

April 5, 6 and 7, 2022

Caguas Fine Arts Center Celebrates The First International Congress of Writers

Caguas, Puerto Rico - As part of its educational and cultural commitment, the Caguas Fine Arts Center will celebrate the FIRST INTERNATIONAL WRITERS CONGRESS, a high-class event that will feature leading figures of Puerto Rican literature and world-renowned writers. This meeting, the first of its kind to be held in Puerto Rico, will be free for those who want to attend on April 5, 6 and 7, 2022.

Dedicated to Norberto González, a vital figure in the world of books in our country and who passed away last year, the congress will bring together figures such as Mayra Santos Febres, Mayra Montero, Eduardo Lalo, Tere Dávila, José Borges, Arlene Carball, Luis Negrón and Magali García Ramis (PUERTO RICO), Rosa Montero, Chiqui Fabregat, Javier Sagarna (SPAIN), Marcelo Lujan (ARGENTINA), Karla Suárez (CUBA), Pilar Quintana (COLOMBIA), Iván Thays (PERU), Pedro Antonio Valdés (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) and Guillermo Arriaga (MEXICO) in modalities of master conferences, workshops and round tables presented by Helena Sampedro (PUERTO RICO) and José Manuel Fajardo (SPAIN). The event is shaping up to be an extraordinary opportunity for writers, new writers, students and the general public who love literature.


The congress plans - taking into account the situation of COVID-19 - to carry out visits by writers to educational institutions in the country and promote interaction between them and the public during the activities in Caguas.


More details about this great event that is shaping up to be an unprecedented success will be offered soon.

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